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Tenerife has pioneering fibre optic systems installed

[Icono de un calendario] 22-02-2011

Pioneering fibre optic systems

This is the first time that fibre optics have been installed in the Canaries, and installation is now underway along the TF-1 motorway.

By using high pressure water, which produces excellent results in terms of speed and efficiency, this allows deployment of mini-fibre optic cables within a 10mm diameter microduct.  Works will take forty days, after when the process of fusion, completion and certification will commence.  Once installed, the water runs to a warehouse. This technique, called 'Floating', gives superior connectivity performance over four kilometres without having to install intermediate points or boxes. Similarly, the system achieves speeds of up to 80 metres per minute. In areas where distance is less than a kilometre, a technique known as 'Blowing', which uses high pressure air instead of water, is used. This technique can achieve speeds of up to 150 metres per minute. Both methods, Floating and Blowing, will achieve speeds not previously attained in the Canaries. Every TF-1 output to the various towns and municipalities will have a pit from where optical fibre distribution can be made in successive phases around the island ring.

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