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Foundation stone of NAPWACI

[Icono de un calendario] 19-02-2010

NAP foundation stone

The laying of the foundation stone of the data centre Napwaci is an essential element of the ALiX, Project, which the Cabildo is backing to improve Tenerife’s competitive edge by developing Information and Communications Technology (ITC) infrastructure and increasing the island’s internal and external connectivity. The NAPWACI will serve as a point of concentration and distribution for this connectivity plus the infrastructure for a data centre for ITC companies interested in competing on international markets or trading with West Africa from a European Union territorial base.

A high availability data centre such as the NAPWACI is made up of a set of hi-tech infrastructures – building, electronic systems, air conditioning, security etc.- designed to house the electronic systems that ITC companies need to carry out all or part of their commercial activities with the highest environmental guarantees for electricity supply, security and resistance to adverse weather phenomenon.

The NAPWACI data centre is currently under construction at the site of the Cabildo’s Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER) in the municipality of Granadilla. Its location, adjacent to the Parque Científico y Tecnológico, will be vital as a mooring port for submarine cables due to its proximity to the coast and it will also serve as a satellite tele port due to its south facing position and latitude. The site also boasts a large variety of available energy sources both conventional as well as wind and solar power.

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